When you visit Cole's tribe in Virginia, you quickly realize what a special team this is. Cassie Jensen is a mastermind for Movement Method and an inspiration for anybody who meets her.


Meghan Mcgavern stated in a testimonial: "Cassie is my “tribe leader”! As I have created our tribe for Cole, she has been an extension of me and empowered me to feel like we can do this together as a team. She has been our nanny since Cole was 4 days old, so she knows him as I know him. She has been through the struggles since this all started and has learned him as I have learned him. If I didn’t have her to be an extension of me, I don’t know that I would feel “ok” when I am at work and Cole is here with the others. We have a group chat, we record in journals, and use dry erase boards to track progress and stay empowered. She helps me keep all this together and running smoothly."

That is a powerful statement. I met Cassie in full action when she was brainstorming ideas for Cole's Halloween costume, to develop a really cool Lightning McQueen costume incorporating his beloved horse. She is brilliantly creative, a quiet but strong, reliable, and loyal leader. We are very excited to see where this might take her. She would make a great creative resource for all of us. Thanks, Cassie for adding this to your very busy days. Congratulation on juggling so many balls and being there for those kiddos that obviously love you so very much. You are one special person!