Mensch und Pferd in Ahlen, Germany, Hof Berkhoff is a very special healing place. It is no secret that many of our practitioners, mentors, and trainers go to stay with Gitti and Henrich to find some recharging themselves. Gitti is one of the most warmhearted friendly people you will ever meet, and she gives it her all in her work with horses and folks who need a little extra care and love.


The creativity she brings to the table and her artistic superior mind are the perfect ingredients to work with children. She is pure magic to them and to the horses, and it is obvious how well she is loved. A tremendous sense of humor and the ability to always see the glass half full is absolutely contagious and does not leave room for any dark moments or hesitation in moving forward to helping horses and humans grow and develop while having fun, seeing the amazement in learning, and loving every minute of life long growth. Gitti and Hernich have touched lives all around them, and even all around the globe. When you visit their place, it is out of a movie, where the backdoor is literally always open, their hearts are always welcoming and never excluding anybody, leaving judgment and negativity for small-minded people. The pure love they give is visible in their deep personal family connection, their "yes" saying horses and animals, but especially in their interaction with anybody they meet. We feel very fortunate and blessed to have these folks in our lives. Gitti, our most heartfelt congratulations to a job superbly done as always, an inspiration to all of us, and a true treasure for our work to have you on board and progressing in your Horse Boy and Movement Method journey- thank you for all you do, and thank you for being you!