Huge congratulations to yet another step taken in her journey with Horse Boy. Chantal has accomplished to make it through the rough times- storms, COVID 19, and so many other things that happened could not hold her back in her determination to complete this evaluation phase.

 Her work continues to impress! The multi-family playdates were so entertaining to watch that one wished to time travel and be there in person. Smiling faces, giggling children's voices guaranteed the quality of her work. Not only is she a horse lover and equine passionate person, but her heart for families and clients is almost unmatched. Chantal is exceptionally hard-working, one of these stunningly creative minds who can develop games and activities out of any interest of a child, making her an expert on following the child, fostering the ultimate intrinsic motivation. She is touching lives and making the difference that so many wish to see. Well done and best of luck on your future plans and dreams!