The Horse Boy Foundation took part in the 'Kids are Alright' fest in downtown Austin yesterday - an all ages music and skateboarding festival created by James Mays.

This year the festival benefited The Horse Boy Foundation so we took Clue and Betsy (our two star therapy horses) along to meet some of their fans. As well as hanging out in the parking lot outside Mohawk (where the festival took place) and performing some of their tricks, Clue and Betsy were ridden around the nearby streets with the word AUTISM painted on their sides. Rowan helped us out in our quest to raise autism awareness by having a ride on Clue himself. Rowan had a blast at the festival watching the skateboarding and listening to the live music. He even had a go at doing some of the skateboarding commentating himself and told the audience all about the animals that you find in Whipsnade Zoo (which is one of his favourite zoos in England).