The Horse Boy Team (Ru & Scub, Iliane, Jen and Gillian) just got back from the UK where we did two demos for RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) in Horse Boy Method.

Ru was bricking himself (that's English for being a little nervous) - having been kicked out of the pony club back in the Pleistocene when mastodon still bellowed to mastodon across the primeval swamp. However, Ru's fears proved thankfully groundless: the Horse Boy Method was embraced largely due to the fact that both RDA centers - Bristol in England and Bannockburn in Scotland - provided us with truly excellent horses. We would like to thank Ed Bracher, all the staff at Avon and Bannockburn and Patsy & Sarah (you know who you are) for helping it to work so well. There is a limit to what we can say officially right now but watch this space for a more official announcement later this spring.