New Trailor

Last week was a very exciting time for The Horse Boy USA team. For starters we became the proud new owners of a two horse trailor which will be invaluable in transporting our horses to the various events they are required to attend in order to help us in our quest to raise autism awareness.

Within minutes of arriving the trailor quickly took on the dual role of a playground/safe haven/dining room for both children and animals alike.

Rowan and Zack

Rowan made a great new friend - Zach - who came over from England to stay with us for a week. Zach is on the autism spectrum and his mum Lorraine decided to bring him to visit Rowan and our horses during his easter holidays from school.

Rowan and Zach became firm friends and decided that they were going to recreate the Ice Age together (Rowan has been learning about The Ice Age in his history lessons). Zach even attended fish school with Rowan at Barton Springs and the two boys had a great time playing together between classes.

Mini Camp

On Thursday The Horse Boy USA team put on a mini camp at our Elgin base for Zach, Rowan and some other kids on the spectrum who live in the Austin area. After a fun filled game of tag on horseback we then moved on to playing hide-and-seek (and believe us it is harder than you think to find a hiding place for a horse and rider).

These games, as well as being fun, help introduce the kids to the concept of rule based games. After putting the horses to bed the kids continued to have fun with all our other animals (which now include two goats, seven ducks, one chicken, two guinea-pigs, a rabbit, two rats, three dogs, a cat, three leopard geckos, a tree frog and the most recent addition...Tony the tarantula).

We also introduced them to some mock sword fighting (with plastic swords of course) and ended the day with a good old dance on the picnic tables.

Horse Boy at the UN

The week ended with a screening of The Horse Boy Movie put on by the UN in honour of Autism Awareness month. Rupert and Iliane travelled to New York for the event and took with them some of our brand new 'Horse Boy' t-shirts.

Keep checking our website as they will be available to buy shortly.