The Horse Boy base in Elgin, Texas has become such a popular place for working students that we have decided to invest in a new barn to house them all.



The barn was purchased from Home Depot and arrived last week much to the excitement of Rowan who loved the fact that it was delivered using a 'giant truck.' He quickly became firm friends with the guys who delivered it asking them all their names and whether they had ever been to the San Antonio Zoo (a standard question for new people at the moment).



Earlier this week the electricians came out so that our hard working volunteers can see when they go to bed in the evening.

NEXT - insulation, dry wall and the all important air conditioning (anyone who lives in Texas or has read anything about the extreme heat we are currently experiencing will understand why).

Rowan is already excited at the prospect of helping to decorate and hanging out with his 'ladies' in their new sleeping quarters.

Watch this space for more information and photos of how the barn renovations are coming along...