HELP URGENTLY NEEDED!!! Wildfires have been erupting throughout Texas and bordering states in the past week.

The worst of these fires has destroyed more than 600 homes in one catastrophic blaze 16 miles wide that continues to burn across Bastrop County, near The Horse Boy Foundation in Elgin.

The fire has destroyed over 25,000 acres of land, which has led to animals being turned loose, dumped or rescued from the fires, picked up and brought to the rodeo ground in Elgin. There are still many animals at large and the situation remains critical.

Temporary pens are being set up for horses, cattle and other small livestock and donations are urgently needed for feed and hay until the animals have been claimed or re-homed.

One of the representatives at the local site is urging people to donate via her paypal account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A receipt will be provided for all donations.