As some of you may have heard, Texas has been on fire this week...The biggest fire has destroyed 44,000 acres and over 600 homes and is still only 40% contained. 

Last Sunday, the encroaching glow on the horizon became very worrying and we were on fire watch all night with the unsettling feeling that we might have to evacuate ourselves and our animals at any given moment. Fortunately, the wind was in our favour and the fire travelled in the opposite direction.

Not so lucky for hundreds of other people whose lives have been utterly devastated by this disaster. Not only have they lost their homes, many had to turn their animals loose as the fire was moving too quickly to evacuate them. There are still hundreds of animals at large in the burning zone and access is prohibited in many areas, however around 80 plus horses, as well as cattle and goats have been picked up and brought to a temporary evacuation centre at the rodeo ground in Elgin. Donations of hay and feed have been pouring in as the number of animals increases by the day.


As happens so often in the midst of disaster and tragedy, a beautiful and uplifting outpour of community spirit has kept everybody strong and focused. The Horse Boy team have been getting stuck in too, helping to feed and water, build pens, register animals and receive donations. YNN a local news channel came down and filmed a report on the centre. Watch this clip and see if you can spot a few familiar faces and pink Horse Boy tops!

Scub Update

As for Scub, it has been business as usual with academics, swimming, a visit to the San Antonio Zoo, as well as his first "surprise" trip to the Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown - more of that in a later blog.