In early November the Horse Boy Team was invited to attend The Texas Autism Project's (TAP) Super Sleeper weekend.

TAP offers these weekends on a regular basis to give parents of children with autism some much needed respite and the kids themselves a fun and enriching weekend with enthusiastic volunteers and TAP staff.

For more information about this important project please visit their website at

The Horse Boy team spent a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning in the picturesque courtyard of the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT campus with four of our horses available for any child that wished to meet them and/or ride.

Over the course of the weekend a steady stream of kids and volunteers trickled into the courtyard and were delighted with what the found. Activities included grooming, tricks, long-lining, backriding, tag and 'sword fighting' on horseback and of course that all important butt hug. Children and horses alike had a magical time and we were all sorry when it was time to go home.

At the end of the weekend, whilst speaking with some of the parents, we realized that there are many kids, like those we met at the Super Sleeper weekend, that are in desperate need of some horse magic but will never make it out to our ranch in Elgin.

We therefore decided that it was important for us to bring our horses to those kids on as regular a basis as possible.

The last month has therefore seen The Horse Boy Team at North Central Market on a Wednesday afternoon working with families who live in the city. We are very grateful to Central Market for offering us their beautiful grounds to work out of and of course to the kids themselves for allowing us into their lives.

Horse Boy Community Outreach Program - UT Playdate