As some of you know I met Rupert in 2009 when organizing a Horse Festival at the Austin Polo Club in Manor. I organized that festival to bring members of the horse community together and to connect the public to the different horse traditions in the Central Texas area.

In 2014 we are again hosting a festival. This one will be much more than just a Horse Festival. Details on Agenda are still in the works but will most likely include a bike race, a competitive trail ride, a Horse Festival and a concert featuring Dispatch and other bands. The festival will not only raise funds for the Horse Boy Foundation but also raise awareness of autism and celebrate the gifts of autism.

Below a few photos of our 2009 festival. 2014 will be so much more but I thought these are a few good pics!

Holly Heidman - barrel racing

Austin Polo Club demonstrating their game

Texas Lady Aside on Peruvian Pasos

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Rupert and Rowan on Clue

Redemption Riders Drill Team

Kate Fitzpatrick - Sport Dressage