Lysts on the Lake - Take Two

On Sunday May 1st The USA Horse Boy Team was welcomed back to Lysts on the Lake to do a second demo on 'How to use the horse as a weapon...and how we use the horse to heal' at their competitive jousting competition (see earlier blog entitled 'A Medieval Weekend - Part 1).

Reno & Breac

On a bit of a whim we decided to give Marvel and Spirit a day off and instead took Reno and Breac to their first ever demo. In case you are not aware of the history of these two horses Reno is a 17 hands Spanish P.R.E. with a sway back who was donated to us last summer. Breac on the other hand is a 17 year old warmblood who was first ridden just over a year ago but loves to work and gave us her first steps of piaffe (a highly collected and cadenced trot) and passage (a highly elevated and extremely powerful trot) a few weeks ago.

Both the horses seemed to really enjoy taking part in the demo and did a wonderful job showing the audience how cavillary officers would have trained their horses in a very collected trot (Breac) and canter (Reno) so that their riders could exchange blows with the enemy. Reno also demonstrated the lateral or sideways movements that would have been necessary to help both horse and ride move away from their enemy during combat.


Breac then demonstrated to the audience how easily and safely a horse can go from a high adrenaline activity (battle) to a very chilled activity (sensory work with a child or parent). Whilst demonstrating how we use tricks to facilitate communication Breac also went on our pedastol for the first time, in part due to the encouragement from the crowd.

Special thanks to Bobbi who very kindly lent Rupert her horse for the demo so we could show the audience how a horse might use it's hooves as a weapon by levading (rearing) on top of the enemy.

A Challenge from Rowan's Ladies

Later on in the show Iliane and Erin decided to challenge the knights to a battle. Breac and Reno both rose magnificently to the challenge and despite the fact that it was two against three the girls still managed to come out on top and show those knights that they need to think twice before messing with The Horse Boy Girls. Rowan had no doubt from the start that this would be the case - when we asked him who he thought would win he said 'Erin and Iliane of course.'

Rowan Update

Scub once again had lots of fun at the event playing in the fort and then later the lake with his good friend Bryce. He also indulged his love of live music by conducting some musicians that were playing at the competition. On the drive home he said to his Mom 'Sir rowan is a conductor to a marching band, I lead all the musicians.'