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In September 2017, our trainers Julia Guth de Granados and Julian Granados led a workshop supported by The German Kuratorium for Therapeutic Riding (DKThR) in Solingen, Germany.


Classroom Session for Horse Boy Method 1 Training in Germany

During this experts-seminar, they presented the Horse Boy Method together with Claudia Eichler, Dr. Frank Duesberg and Ute Limbach at the Meiswinkler Hof and the Cornelius Praxisgemeinschaft .

Horse and 19 participants for Horse Boy Method training in Germany

19 participants where guided through the basic theory of Horse Boy Method and got an insight on how the Horse Boy horse is trained. They observed the backrinding technique, sensory excercises on the horse and played rule based games to build theory of mind.They also got an idea of how we teach academics while back-riding and long lining to continue academics and self advocacy.

Horse Boy Method Live Training in Germany

Well trained horses are needed for this type of work

The horses from Meiswinkler Hof were well prepared and did a great job staying calm while 19 participants were having a lot of fun playing tag (a rule based game) around them! (For this work you need a well trianed horse that says: „YES, absolutely!“ to the different situations they must go through! )

Horse Boy Method Training with horse and people playing tag

Thank you again to all participants for being so interested in this work. Gitti Berkhoff, one of our participants, was so inspired that she decided to fly to Texas in January to get the full training! Some days ago, she came home with her Certificates of Horse Boy 1-4 and also got trained in Movement Method! Congradulations Gitti! We are really happy to welcome her in our German team!

All other participants from the Horse Boy Method experts-seminar with the German Kuratorium for Therapeutic Riding will have the opportunity to get certified in Germany in February 2018!

thumb Horseboy DKThR 169

Family Limbach will receive the Horse Boy team and participants again at the beautiful location of Meiswinkler Hof. We are really happy to be there again ( and can’t wait to have another great workshop with lots of wonderful people.

On the 17th and 18th of Febuary 2018 the Team will also give a Movement Method 1&2 Seminar in Solingen, which is open to everyone! Join us! You find all the info on our Horse Boy Facebook Page event calender or write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.