Our first ever Horse Boy Method workshop in Norway took place on 1 and 2 September 2018 in Fåvang. The workshop was hosted by our Horse Boy practitioner Emma Helleman at her magical care farm Mattisborgen IPT Gård. She did an amazing job at preparing her farm and horses, Alex and Tindra, for the 6 participants in the workshop.


The students were 6 very experienced ladies who were keen to expand their knowledge, learning about Horse Boy Method. They traveled from all over Norway to join the workshop, amongst them a care farm owner, an autism mom, a medical teacher assistant, a ski instructor/outdoor teacher, an equine assisted coach and an instructor of a riding school for disabled people.

The weather and scenery were showing off this weekend, it was an incredible joy to work in this amazing environment. We are already looking forward to the next workshop in Norway!

A huge thank you to Emma Helleman and Thomas for hosting this workshop, your help with organizing, all made the workshop super fun and running smoothly.

Would you like te learn more about Horse Boy Method?

Please check out our calendar for upcoming live workshops and/or contact one of our worldwide trainers. We also offer online courses in both Horse Boy Method 1 and Movement Method 1&2.