8 oktober 2018

Blog by Ellen Schuringa

Eager, dreams & self care

According to Carola, the most talkative group she ever had so far. It was quite a challenge to both listen to their personal stories and provide them the HB1 information fully.

It was intense; intense talking, intense playing, intense feeding the brain. We got great help from the horses, Stuff, Gibbs & Stapper. Babi, Carola’s horse was a big help at day 2 & it was great to see his improvements. Babi & Stapper got challenged several times during the Long-Line/Self Advocacy session by two huge agricultural machines. They proved they know their job. Due to our intensive bombproofing program, they didn't even blink twice at the big machines. This again showed the importance of right bombproofing and safe equipment, because these situation can happen, will happen and should be anticipated.

Not even one single second it was quiet during the lLong-Line/Self Advocacy session. Those people really can talk!!! What a creativity, what an inspiration!

And then it all made sense to me during the dream whiperers session. There was a thread running through this group. The eagerness of learning, of sharing stories, of putting themselves into service of the more vulnerable. The eagerness of giving themselves fully to let people grow and develop. The eagerness of Carola to make sure all the information would be given. The eagerness of Caitlin to prepare Babi for her mom. The eagerness of the horses to perform like real pro’s. The eagerness of Tribe Stal Tilburgs (Jamie, José and Ellen) to give the participants a welcome feel, providing them a good lunch and let the workshop roll like a well-oiled machine.

The moment dream whisperers started, it was like Universe interfered. It was like the hard working brains got whispered in a dream-state. An almost serene quietness filled the room. It was time for the participants, time for themselves. Smiles for some who know their dreams. Tears for some who remembered where they lost track of their dreams. The awareness for some how important it is to take care of themselves, to live their dreams and putting their brains into service of their own hearts. I hope they keep taking care of themselves during their process in helping the more vulnerable people.

How amazing to see the contribution and commitment from every being with their own qualities, with their own talents and the sparkles in their eyes to support the dreams of the more vulnerable. How amazing to see that those sparks, talents and qualities connect with each other, everyone in their unique way and see the ripple effect spreading. How amazing to see the sparkles light up and bring love and healing all over the world.

But hé, that’s just my dream… my dream beyond my dreams…

Take care of yourself!