Blog MM & HB method, Curacao  27 October – 3 November 2018

Behind those faces & new destinations.

Destination Rancho Harmonia at Curacao. Entering the gate, was like entering a piece of heaven.

Welcomed by the goats, chickens and cats, we started our grand tour. First stop, the horses. Some of them are rescue horses with a new destination. Next stop, the palapa. The open space with a roof of palm leaves that would be the place for the HB theory. New destinations for all kinds of materials. Painted crates used as a platform or a table. Plastic bottles, cut in half with funny faces used as plant pots. Coconuts transformed into bright coloured fish with funny eyes and coloured car tires with an all-purpose destination. We followed our tour along the outside arena with a boundary of car tires to a huge tree transformed into a ‘chill-zone’ with animals made of barrels, play equipment made of car tires and a swing. Then we arrived at the brand new covered arena, with its beautifully shaped roof standing in its full pride and at the same time looking kind of odd between the materials with its new destinations. The track through nature brought us along the care farm, the music garden made of cooking pots and kitchen tools, an area with all kinds of trees with exotic fruits to a building for special needs children “Het Savaanhuis”. And this was just the simple tour…

After the tour, we started to prepare the Horse Boy Method workshop for later in the week and work with the horses to get to know them.

The next two days we spend with dedicated people who wanted to learn all about Movement Method 1 & 2 at the SGR-Groep office in Emmastad. SGR stands for "Stichting voor Gehandicapten- en Revalidatiezorg", Dutch for Foundation for healthcare for people with a diability and/or in need of rehabiliation. From the outside you couldn’t tell that behind those coloured walls was an office. From the inside you could. 28 participants with 28 different faces. Carola went thoroughly through the theory. During the BDNF exercise the group turned loose. What fun we had! Those people can dance, clap and sing and the faces changed. And guess what, we were learning! During the day, the office got a new destination; A Movement Method friendly area with a different table set up, some cool inspirational creations of natural materials and daylight. The atmosphere changed directly.

Outside, the goats gave themselves a new destination. They tried to take over the MM workshop with their loud noises, time after time. And when they noticed that that didn’t work out, they threw in some toilet humor. Those guys really can fart!!! For a while we got them quiet during that hilarious moment ‘who could play the biggest psoas muscle’. Some goats put up funny faces during the science-game when the toilet paper flew through the air and some guys got really in their role.

You could tell by their stories after the self-compassion time that some forget about themselves by working so hard for the more vulnerable. You could hear that behind those faces, they got their challenges too. And how heart-warming it is, to give them some time to create room for themselves.

I, Ellen, don’t know where it came from, but it kind of hit me when starting with the dream whisperers. There I stood in an office, with air conditioning and fluorescent strip lights with a group of human beings and no horses. There it sank in to me and I got a bit overwhelmed. Remembering, where I came from when telling them the story behind my face. Remembering that there was a time, it wasn’t even possible for me being in such a room with a few people without falling on the ground, not able to talk anymore or getting weird spasms because of the overload of my brain and nerve system.

And there I stood, telling them what the tools used in the Movement Method and Horse Boy Method did for me and still do, and when I found my new destination I started to make more steps while putting myself into service of the more vulnerable people.

What an amazing idea from Chantal, Carola and Diane to organize a benefit evening with the documentary of The Horse Boy, followed by a mini-workshop with Carola.

Next on the program, Horse Boy Method 1 at Rancho Harmonia and the adjacent care farm “De Waarborg”. Did I already mention, this place is so adventurous that you can get lost? While Carola, Chantal and Diane were giving the palapa a new destination as a Horse Boy theory room and receiving the participants, I, was assigned to set up a treasure hunt on the Rancho. And what an adventure it was! I found more treasures and cute hiding places on that property and soon I lost track of the simple route, and I really got lost! By following the signs in the opposite direction, via the huge pigs, the plant house and the smiling and friendly faces I found my way back to the palapa. The workshop went very well. The horses gave their very best and did everything they’ve been asked for. They showed their well-trained skills when the cow gave an impressive rodeo and the laughing faces from the people from the care farm went home in the loud honking busses.

The participants were amazing to work with. Some gave themselves a new destination as crocodiles with wide open mouths running around in the arena, some were jumping and roaring with laughter while rediscovering their passion for numbers. Some found out to look for a new destination in helping the more vulnerable.  The days were fully packed and we managed to go on because of the amazing food we got, cooked by the lady with her beautiful face. We must always remember the people behind the scene who make it possible for us to help the more vulnerable people. We are very grateful for them.

After the last visit at the Rancho and a chance to see another amazing place with a program for youth with trauma and attachment problems, there was some time to look back on this week.

No doubt, all these amazing people have such big hearts and a drive to help the more vulnerable and they were very open to learn about the Movement Method and Horse Boy Method. They showed that the Movement Method and Horse Boy Method works. By learning through play and having fun they could explain the science part.

It is amazing to see, by creating room and to expose yourself in a vulnerable way, give these dedicated hard-working people some slack. Some need to talk about their challenges behind their face, some need just a hug, some wipe away their tears and remembering their dreams, some a listening ear and some a big smile right in the face to charge their own batteries to go on putting themselves into service of the more vulnerable. So simple, just like that!

And to all those beautiful beings behind those faces;

What if, you allow yourself dreamtime on a daily basis,

What if, you sit with yourself or stroll around in nature,

What if, you give yourself some slack just a few minutes a day,

What if, you allow yourself to dance randomly,

What if, you allow yourself to roll in the grass for a while,

What if, you write down your biggest dreams that pops up from the heart,

What if… 

But, be careful what you wish for, cause it might happen that Universe is listening & transforms those wishes into reality…

We are very grateful for the collaboration with SGR groep in Curaçao, they do excellent work for special needs people big and small. We were guests at the SRG groep in Emmastad for our Movement Method course and the Equine program Horse Boy Method was hosted by Rancho Harmonia and their amazing instructors Chantal van Koert and Diane Heijtel.

We would like to share our deep gratitude to Chantal van Koert, for working so hard for over a year to organize everything and anything.

We look forward to visit your beautiful island again!

Ellen Schuringa & Carola Beekman