Hello Horse Boy tribe! Square Peg has been chugging along through the summer, with some new staff, new horses, and new adventures. Because pictures speak louder than words, scroll through some community pictures of training, group sessions, and summertime sunshine :) Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or comments!!


1. One of our favorite summer activties is the annual campouts and surf days for our families and autism families in the community. We have partnered with the local surf club for three different days throughout the summer, and we are able to serve almost 15 kids each session, siblings included. It is a great community event, and by bringing the ranch kids, surf club kids, and families together, we have seem incredible results. Magical ocean!


2. One of the next ideas we have really incoroporated this summer was group training sessions. We all know that most of horsemanship is not riding, yet all lessons are kids riding. With some more staff members, we were able to teach all students, including our on site staff, how to do in-hand work, lunge, long-line, and discuss more in depth training principles. We have found that by the students understanding how the horses work, and why we train the way we do, everyone has a deeper understanding of the horse, his assets and challenges, and how he operates. It is very good for all of us to remember that most of horses is not riding. By building up the skills of our students, the horses will be better training by our community, and there is much more self worth involved in riding and working with the horses.