I'm back again! And once again, Square Peg has been in full force training and managing as the holidays quickly approach. Our head instructor was recently injured on one of her own horses, so Joell and I have been doing double time on horse training, so I am happy to report this month has been busy! Update on Square Peg startsssssss now:

The most exciting thing that happened in November was a visit from Horse Boy! We had the pleasure of hosting Rupert and Josh at our new facility for the first week of the month. I have met Rupert a handful of times before, but it was great to see him again and finally meet Josh, who Joell told me we would want to keep (and we do!) I was able to be present for all of the trainings and actually participate as well, which was a huge plus. Rupert and Josh trained Joell, Sigourney, and I in specific lunging techniques that will strengthen and relax our horses. We also learned some in-hand work, although I am still working on my footwork without a horse for that at the moment. Even over the 4 days of training, we saw a remarkable change in the horses' attitude, mentality about lunging, and muscle growth. We are so grateful for the support and structured clinic that Rupert and Josh were able to provide us with. I am so grateful I was able to practice and be a part of/ride in the clinic because I have been able to successfully lunge and help train not only our program horses but also our head trainer's competition and client horses.

On a fantastic branch off from the clinic, we have been able to teach our students and volunteers how to lunge as well. One of our sayings is that the students do not come to us because they are autistic; they come to us because the horses need them. This has always rang true to me, but now we are able to kick it up a few notches and have our students help train the horses. We are leading lessons and playdates that always begin with the lunging cycle, and our students are the ones lunging! It is not only empowering, but provides a skill set that is important and unique. I have attached some pictures below of our November month, which include a lunge line lesson on Bert, Rupert teaching Sigourney (on the ground) and Joell (on Cecil) some of the in-hand work, and of course, a student wearing a costume because hey- its adorable![gallery link="file" orderby="title"]