The other day we went out to HorseBuds Therapeutic Riding Center in Greeley Colorado to visit with Miss Deb, who is trained in Horse Boy Learning and Horse Boy Method1.   Horse Boy Learning is based on intrinsic motivation ~ following the child in their interests. 

We also got to meet Miss Merry, who was there helping out.

We had a great time! Miss Deb had prepared lots of fun things to do, based on Fynn's current interests.  The great thing about Horse Boy is that it's healing for the whole family (esp. siblings) - not just the affected child- so there were tons of fun things for Rowan to do as well.

There were animals to meet, (kitty, horses, goats, and a little pig), a huge box to paint and turn into a whale, apples to pick & eat, hay bales to climb on, a huge sand pile to play in, and tons of land to explore! We filled a tub of water and learned how squids use jet propulsion, and played with toy animals in the water.  There were rope swings, tire swings, hammock swings...

Fynn was so well behaved while we were there, and I think all that open space calmed him down.  Also I think it was being somewhere where he was allowed to be himself.  I think it made his whole week better.  Thanks, Miss Deb! And Miss Merry, too.