I first heard about Joell Dunlap at New Trails in Elgin Texas during a ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop, and everybody I met had something incredible to say about her.

When I first picked her up from the airport to lead our first ever United States Air Force Academy Equestrian Center training for Horse Boy 1, it was like meeting a long lost friend and soulmate.

       She is the most positive and inspiring person you will ever meet. Unintentionally and unaware, she will make you feel humble and encourage you to try to do much better in life helping people and animals in need. She has the biggest most loving and unselfish heart a human being can have and is certainly talented in so so many areas.

       It came to no surprise to see her picture on the front cover of Dressage Today not only for her incredible horsemanship skills, but featuring an article about her impactful work at Square Peg Foundation in California. Enjoy a tribute to a unique and positively life changing Joell Dunlap:



Joell Dunlap