While enjoying a lovely rhythmic walk on the sandy dusty trails leading into the impressive freedom inspiring Rockies, my lady and I could see something shimmering, out of the ordinary, gentle earth tones interrupted.


Clue Balloons 2

         A couple of plasticky thingies, balloons it seemed, escaped from the cadet graduation at the Air Force Academy. She pushed me to get a closer look. to see what it really was. I could feel her questioning my ability and training. I could read her mind: “Ah, let’s see what the fuss about a well trained horse really was about”. Was she kidding? She has had me for almost two month now, and she was doubting me?

          She knew my reputation as amazingly well trained horse, showing greatness especially in challenging situations- and she was doubting me? Seeing this as eventual training opportunity, really?

          Of course, being cautious and a prey animal, my instincts were absolutely on high alert, and I had to ensure it was actually a situation she could handle.


              My ears pricked to full attention, every muscle in my body tense to be ready to take her to safety in a heartbeat when necessary, I froze to assess the situation. We were about 5 feet away- 5 seconds was all it took for me to realize ‘safe to move on’.

         I dropped my head, let go of the tension and accepted her gentle pressure moving right up close to what was now 100 percent sure to be balloons. I followed her questions, saying yes to every navigational effort she asked of me- and it was not easy. The small branches were poking and bullying me into not obeying, but I am stronger than that and listened as trained.

               Thick stubborn brush would not keep me from being a partner to my lady. We made it to the tree where the balloons were wriggling about. They were about 7 feet up in the tree, certainly impossible to reach for my vertically challenged 5 feet 4 inch lady. She had to stay in the saddle and really stretch in the saddle to detangle the tightly wrapped half empty helium balloons.

             It took us a good 5 minutes to get them out- wow, what a job! But not only did she want them out of the tree, because they simply felt out of place in our beautiful mountain site, now they had to be brought back all the way home.

            I waited patiently and now I had the three annoyingly noisy, in 40 miles per wind hour blowing helium monsters in the saddle with my lady, her holding on to them with one hand, audio recording reflections while trying to still guide me- which really, I kind of had to do my own thing here.

          The picture we presented must have been quite interesting. I heard her recording: “I had to pull my hat in deep respect- this guy was seriously well trained and would master any insane situation. I was not surprised, but seriously impressed.”

Yeah right, she actually was surprised, and I felt satisfied to have shown her yet again to stop doubting and start trusting a bit.

          And then the mood changed. My lady was trying to figure out her next day speech for her first Movement Method Class of 2018. I could sense that it was changing her. She physically became heavier in the saddle, and the lightness of our ride was gone.

         I paid close attention without letting her sense any change in me. I understood her pain of having to let go of little people she fell in love with. I had to let go of a person I connected with and still miss him. It never hurts less; the empty spot in the heart never gets filled again, we just get used to it.

       I could relate to her having to let go of something she loved to allow moving on and growing. I was miserable in the heat of Texas but I had to let go of my partner and soulmate to get better. Never easy, but part of life.

        While she was trying to find the healthy balance for her speech to not break down in tears and be too emotional in front of 300 parents, she also did not want to be cold and short without bringing the message across how special this class was for her. Better her than me...She also felt very small, lost, and lonely.


Graduation MM 2018

        Even I could not fill the empty space that almost felt physically touchable. At that moment, the sun broke through the grey clouds on her way to set behind the powerful mountains. If nothing else, for lack of knowledge or for doubting minds, it felt like something, a spirit, a higher power, something touched our soles. It felt like healing balm for restlessness, uncertainty, and loneliness.

            Both of us paused. It was an embrace, an understanding of something much higher than just us. This sunset happened, I lowered my head, slowed my steps, relaxed my muscles and just let both of us feel the presence of each other- the most peaceful moment both of us had felt in a while. We could feel each others heat, touch, and something almost incomprehensible. Don’t forget to appreciate those moments with your partner!