Raven’s Guardians BBQ Launch Party with The Horse Boy Foundation

New Trails hosted the launch party for Raven’s Guardians 501c3 nonprofit on Saturday May 19th, 2018. Fantastic individuals from all walks of life were in attendance. We had veterans with PTSD, Autistic adults, neuro typical teens and autistic teens, educators, horse trainers, nonprofit owners, actors, makeup artists, jousters, and social workers.

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Everyone building friendships and creating a new community looking to have fun helping each other and building an environment for newcomers in the future to have amazing experiences. IMG 2209 2

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After plates of delicious food, made by RG’s and HB staff with the assistance of folks with social anxieties, the attendees were invited to see the space ravens guardians has established at New Trails.

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This new space will be used to create a new world. It currently houses a costume department, FX and prop building studio, office, and LARP armory in a single space.

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We also had the pleasure of receiving a demonstration of horsemanship and in hand training from Rupert Isaacson. This was enjoyed by all, especially the jousters and veterans.

The event was purely magical bringing folks from all walks of life together to share great food and make new friendships. I personally can’t wait to host another BBQ at the end of the summer.