Raven’s Guardians had a wonderful Halloween event at the New Trails property….even with rain and a tornado threat that shut us down a little early.

For the environment we had a looking glass mirror, The Mad Hatters tea party, beautiful hanging paper lamps and multi colored cobwebs made it truly feel like Wonderland.


There were sensory friendly games of all kinds including:

Fishing for the door mouse out of teapots at the Mad Hatters table.


Beanbag toss through the caterpillars hukkah that blew bubbles.


Ping-Pong ball cup toss in the white queens garden.


Water balloon toss at the Queen of hearts. 


Pin the smile on the Chesire cat.


And our very own Figo made an appearance as the White Rabbit. He also seemed to know about the rain before we did.....


I was dressed as the Cheshire cat, Chris was the Mad Hatter, And Katrin the white Queen.

As it was Halloween we offered candy but we also had small toys and organic snacks as an alternative which went over fantastically with the kids. Amy’s cheddar bunnies are always a favorite.

Despite the weather issues kids and adults in attendance had a blast. It truly felt like Wonderland.