Flatulate: to emit digestive gases from the anus, especially with accompanying sound (https://www.yourdictionary.com/flatulate)“Fart: This is not an accepted medical word for passing gas. Excess gas in the intestinal is medically termed "flatulence." (But what is excess gas is difficult to define since symptom-free individuals have recorded approximately 14 passages of gas per 24 hours!)


The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in its inimitable way, notes that the word "fart" is "not in decent use." The OED defines the transitive verb form of fart: "To send forth as wind from the anus 1632." The word comes from the Old English "feortan" (meaning "to break wind"). Although the word "fart" is "not in decent use," it was used by the likes of the great English poet Geoffrey Chaucer.” ( https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=6484)

Horse Boy and Movement Method refer to ‘potty humor’ as a strategy- certainly one of my weaker areas and often dismissed as “…that is a Rupert thing”. However, for the first time I really understood what he meant by it.

When we got back from spring break- and having a lot of potty humor exposure giving a seminar with Rupert in Japan, I came back to my class dismissing that strategy as almost useless for my setting. Little did I know; I would yet be taught a lesson again about the importance of the guidelines.

One of my students was very ill the day before we went on break, to the point that he had to go home. He also has extreme anger issues, and when he told me his story, I could see he expected a reaction and was ready to counter act. He told me, his parents thought his ‘illness’was appendicitis and took him

 to the hospital. $400 later, the diagnosis was clear: “It was a giant fart stuck in me.” He told me one on one, and I could see the expectations in his eyes for me to tell him the inappropriateness of his language use- a year ago, I might have- in this situation, I burst out in laughter and mentioned that that must have been one of the most expensive farts I have ever heard of. Me using the word fart surprised him, and he started laughing as well. We giggled quite a long time, then I had him share his story when he wanted to in the morning meeting with the class.

Interestingly enough, it built relationship through laughter and potty humor!

We then reviewed the digestive system because we wanted to know where that giant fart came from, which was great for test prep.


Digestive System


The following weekend, we had a playdate at the Air Force Academy with 5 families. One family has two kiddos on the spectrum and one with an undiagnosed oppositional defiance disorder. On a trail ride, one of the horses pooped a nice green poop and the kiddo on the horse just laughed so hard, she almost fell off. Seeing her reaction, I started to buy into it, and we examined the poop, discussed which color each kiddo prefers and what they think the horses might have eaten etc. It was a long conversation with a lot a lot of laughter.

The mom was very excited, because her son had a difficult time letting anything from his body go. For example, he would try to use Gorilla glue to glue back his baby tooth. Imagine what potty training was like. These conversations helped him to understand that every creature lets go of the poop, horses in particular just drop it anywhere, and it is o.k. fun even!

What I did not understand until recently, potty humor is not just a permission for a little rebellion. It is also a strong and honest relationship builder. Especially when children on the spectrum see us being silly and talking about farts and poop, they start to pay attention, they start to show an interest in the world around them- that goes for every child, teen, and even adult.

I was just on the phone with a dear friend, giggling about the therapeutic value of shoveling poop: Every day there is more- almost like life- every day we go and shovel it; we exam it, it tells us a lot about the creature we care about; no way around it- always more; but then we put it on fields it becomes fertilizer to grow what we need. When there is no poop, we should worry, there has to be…and talking about it with dear friends brings laughter and builds confidence that we can shovel poop yet another day.

We have to start taking ourselves a little less serious sometimes- it is refreshing and relationship magic happens!

For educational purpose and maybe to place a little smile on your face:

By Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo : ”…Fart humor is alive and well today. For proof, look no further than the thousands of tooting euphemisms uttered every day. Below are our favorite 150 fart terms for your reading and ripping pleasure. We hope you can work a few into your daily routine and share the positivity—one pulled finger at a time.” (2013)

  1. Air biscuit
  2. Air tulip
  3. Anal audio
  4. Anal exhale
  5. Anal salute
  6. Anus applause
  7. Answering the call of the wild burrito
  8. Ass acoustics
  9. Ass flapper
  10. Back draft
  11. Back-end blowout
  12. Back blast
  13. Baking brownies
  14. Bark
  15. Barking spider
  16. Barn burner
  17. Beef
  18. Beep your horn
  19. Belching clown
  20. Benchwarmer
  21. Blast
  22. Blat
  23. Blurp
  24. Blurt
  25. Bomber
  26. Boom-boom
  27. Booty bomb
  28. Booty cough
  29. Bottom blast
  30. Bottom burp
  31. Booty belch
  32. Break wind
  33. Brown cloud
  34. Brown haze
  35. Brown thunder
  36. Bubbler
  37. Bull snort
  38. Bumsen burner
  39. Bung blast
  40. Burner
  41. Burp out the wrong end
  42. Bust ass
  43. Butt bazooka
  44. Butt bongos
  45. Butt cheek screech
  46. Butt dumpling
  47. Butt sneeze
  48. Butt trumpet
  49. Butt tuba
  50. Butt yodeling
  51. Cheek squeak
  52. Cheeser
  53. Colon bowlin’
  54. Cornhole clap
  55. Cornhole tremor
  56. Crack concert
  57. Crack splitters
  58. Crap call
  59. Cut one
  60. Cut the cheese
  61. Drifter
  62. Droppin’ stink bombs
  63. Duck call
  64. Exercise the meat nozzle
  65. Exhume the dinner corpse
  66. Fanny beep
  67. Fanny frog
  68. Fecal fume
  69. Fire in the hole
  70. Fizzler
  71. Flatus
  72. Floater
  73. Fluffy
  74. Free speech
  75. Frump
  76. Gas
  77. Get out and walk Donald
  78. Great brown cloud
  79. Grundle rumble
  80. Grunt
  81. Gurgler
  82. Heinie hiccup
  83. Hisser
  84. Honker
  85. Horton hears a poo
  86. Hot wind
  87. Hottie
  88. Human hydrogen Bomb
  89. Insane in the methane
  90. Lay an egg
  91. Let Polly out of jail
  92. Mouse on a motorcycle
  93. Nasty cough
  94. O-ring oboe
  95. One-man salute
  96. Orchestra practice
  97. Panty burp
  98. Peter
  99. Pewie
  100. Pi p
  101. Poof
  102. Poop gopher
  103. Pootsa
  104. Pop tart
  105. Power puff
  106. Puffer
  107. Putt-putt
  108. Quack
  109. Quaker
  110. Raspberry
  111. Rattler
  112. Rectal turbulence
  113. Ripass
  114. Ripper
  115. R oar from the rear
  116. Rump ripper
  117. Rump roar
  118. Silly cyanide
  119. Slider
  120. Sphincter siren
  121. Sphincter whistle
  122. Spitter
  123. Split the seam
  124. Squeaker
  125. Stale wind
  126. Steam-press your Calvins
  127. Steamer
  128. Step on a duck
  129. Step on a frog
  130. Stink it up
  131. Stinker
  132. Stinky
  133. Taint tickle
  134. Tear ass
  135. Testing in the Levi wind tunnel
  136. Thunder from down under
  137. Thurp
  138. Toot your own horn
  139. Tootsie
  140. Trouser cough
  141. Trouser trumpet
  142. Trunk bunk
  143. Turd tremors
  144. Turtle burp
  145. Tushy tickler
  146. Under thunder
  147. Wallop
  148. Whiff
  149. Whoopee
  150. Whopper

(retrieved from https://www.huffpost.com/entry/different-words-for-fart_b_3498191)