It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving everything familiar and well-loved behind. But what opportunity and adventure lie ahead.


It was a little bit like a miracle- or I guess in Horse Boy we call it “Dream Whisper”. Of course, we all have dreams, mine is certainly to make a difference for children and learners to actually go back to enjoy learning, find the passion, and find the spark that we are born with, the curiosity and wonder that so often gets lost in systems and over time. Well- I would have never dreamed of what happened next:

While in Germany, Rupert introduced me to a lovely family from Thailand. We worked tirelessly together on Movement Method and Horse Boy- little did I know that this would be a life-changing event. On the third day, we were standing around a little table, enjoying a lovely glass of Chardonnay during a small town Kerb (which is like a mini-fair, more to be social with locals than to have rides and shows), when I was asked if I could imagine living in Thailand for a while. Circumstances had it that they wanted to develop their Horse Boy and Movement Method program, and I was considered to support it. WOW.

What a crazy and unique opportunity- everything I ever dreamed of coming true, just a little different than I pictured it.

Working with lovely horses, helping learners, changing a system and offering alternative education, a leadership with a passionate vision that aligns with my beliefs- just in a country I have never visited before, in a culture I have to learn all about, far away from my safety and support net, from routine, family, dogs, and Clue (my almost horse). But there was no way I could let the opportunity pass.

Interestingly enough, whatever higher spirit you believe in, it seems there is a crazy sense of humor involved- not one I appreciate too much- I said I would never walk out on a class, and I judged people heavily who did- teaching me a lesson in judging people and saying ‘never ever’ this opportunity came along and there was no way to wait, finish the school year, and follow my strict principles. Feeling terrible about it, having to leave kiddos who depend on me, who build relationships- but with no other way, I had to make the choice to hand in my resignation for November 1. I know they will be o.k. I know they will make their way, and if I could have avoided it I would have, but I tried my best and timing was just not on my side. 

With some self-compassion allowing myself to understand that I tried my best, I will have to forgive this and move forward in the hope that this will lead to great changes and support for so many in need.

The plans are going ahead, flights are being discussed, and after my three week trip to Japan in October, a couple of presentations locally, I will be off to Thailand in November. 

Mindblowingly, folks who could have felt abandoned and be sad or angry supported me with unconditional love and understanding. The feedback I received was absolutely encouraging. It brought tears to my eyes to not be judged but instead have folks celebrate with me and continue to want to work together. It was never a goodbye- just an ‘until we meet again’ and having people like that in my life makes me feel incredibly blessed and grateful. 

Farm de Lek