My goal, being without family and close ‘heartfriends’, was to, for once, totally ignore the holidays and be fine with it. When some lovely excited teens here ask me, “Can we please do a Secret Santa, how could I say no…


The planning started with hunting for decorations, designing home- made natural gifts, brainstorming ideas for games and lots of lots of smiling faces and excitement.

The day came closer quickly. And before we knew it, we had a task team on the natural Christmas tree design and building, ponies desensitized for crazy energetic fun reindeer games, lovely pot luck prepared, decorations around the stable and animals, and many exciting little elves running about ready to enjoy the festivities.


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 2


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 3

2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 4


The food was incredible, but far from your regular traditional turkey and ham dinner. Many of you love Thai food, you would have enjoyed the rich in flavor natural foods that were offered…I have to say, my favorite had to be the pure sugar cane, wrapped in a sweet crepe- like cotton candy crape- wow, addicting! But so were all the savory foods, some spicy, some just very different and pleasant to the pellet!


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 8


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 10


We played many many pony games. We started with pool noodle freeze tag to get everybody up and moving and involved. There were little tinies, kiddos, parents, grandparents, owners of companies, grooms, and and and- everybody played and giggled while Christmas music blasted from a portable speaker putting everybody in the Christmas spirit. When we build snowball balance teams, we had Flossy (our Gypsy) the snowman, Opal Santa Clause team, and Amazing Reindeer team. Kiddos were balancing a tennis ball on a spoon while trying to cross the arena as fast as they felt confident…


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 6


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 7


After an exciting team obstacle course and our Secret Santa, there were many tired little folks and even the older ones enjoyed a break and some rest after an exciting day. Many heading out to celebrate family and holidays. While writing this, it is already the 24th of December. I cannot believe I have been here a month. Time kind of flies by and also seems to stand still or becomes this irrelevant subjects other people talk about. I am surrounded by animals and nature and realize even more how much I want this for many more kiddos, young folks, and people who suffer. With these reflective notes, Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy 2020!!!


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 9


2019 Thailand Christmas Playdate 1