A sign on the wall at Rosemary Graff’s Laughing Buck Farm says “Your success and happiness lies in you,” and another at Deb Michael’s HorseBuds reads “Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.” Those words perfectly capture what it means to be part of a Horse Boy Tribe.


It’s hard to believe that I was on the ground in Colorado for less than 48 hours (41 to be exact). In that time, I was able to visit 3 Horse Boy/Movement Method programs, assist in a Movement Method demo, fall in love with various horses, pigs, donkeys, chickens, and goats, and even fit in an amazing trail ride. This was all in my quest to become a Horse Boy and Movement Method trainer, and what an inspirational trip it was.

At HorseBuds, Deb showed us her amazingly creative grounds that included gardens, a treehouse, the best see saw I have ever sat on, and of course her talented trick horses. She is doing wonderful work and truly making a difference in the lives of those that she serves. At our demo in Ft. Collins, we were able to connect with the Lakota tribe and hear about their vision for an inclusive and sustainable community.

Horse Bouds 2


HorseBuds 1

Then we were off to a fantastic tour of Laughing Buck Farm. Rosemary has created a real working farm, where the individuals she serves can participate in farm classes, work the farm, take a riding lesson, and even participate in foam swordplay. Her charming therapy donkey (owned by the perfectly named Fog Horn Farm) won us over with her giant bray, and we could see the love that all of the animals have for Rosemary as we toured the farm.

Laughing Buck 1jpg


Laughing Buck 2

No trip to Colorado with my wonderful hostess Bianca can be complete without a visit to the USAFA. Bianca’s passion for this program made for an energizing tour through the mountain trails that the program uses for playdates. I could feel the calm that the families and servicemen must feel as they play in the streams and ride through the beautiful trails. I came with the goal of completing my trainer certification, but I left with a deeper appreciation for the incredible things that our HorseBoy programs are doing and the many lives that they are truly impacting.