Having a stable seat is of utmost importance to anybody taking the safety of the kids they ride with serious.

Come visit us - learn about Horse Boy Method and stabilize your seat.

Here is our working student Katja from Canada taking stabilizing her seat to the next level. Katja already has a really good and stable seat however jumping and especially jumping free handed really helps her learn to deal with more unpredictable situations when up there with a child.

So here is a series of photos of Katja stabilizing her seat. I think you can really see how even just this day of jumping helped Katja to maker her seat even more stable.

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The first little hops ... finding the perfect balance.


Trying to keep the balance with the impulsion coming from behind.


Survining the first landings... more difficult than the jump itself.


Still feeling for the balance.


Perfect balance and confidence between the both of them.


The first big jump!


First time the hands helped balance a bit by grabbing mane. It's always a good idea to grab mane if you are not 100% sure!


A powerful jump!


The first big jump without hand...


The first big jump in perfect balance!


The landing more difficult than one thinks!!


Landing without stirrup but Katja staid on anyway!


They got it! Perfect harmony, balance and confidence!!!


And here comes the final landing! Perfect!


I think it's pretty clear that she can be trusted with a kid up there! What do you think? We think Katja did a fabulous job with our little red mare!

Questions, ideas and help in our Support Forum.