The weekend started with Ms. Trinket entering my room for a wake up call. There is nothing more adorable than a mini inside the house. It was a beautiful start to a beautiful weekend.

On Saturday I back rode with Tyler, which was crazy fun, and in the evening we had Rowan's FIRST official slumber party.

Rowan invited me, Jenny, Laurence, Jody, Genesee, Alli for the occasion. Rowan decided to dress up as a girl for the occasion which included a flowery skirt, pink sweatshirt and purple lipstick. He also talked in a high-pitched, girly voice all night. He didn't brake once. His new name was Roweena.

Make way for the dance party!

The party started at 6, and while we waited for pizza to cook the time was filled with dance parties, charades, and "guess the animal". Next we watched a marathon of Dexter's laboratory, complete with popcorn, cookies and giggling. Finally, the night played out with duck, duck, goose, hide and go seek, pop the balloon, and makeovers.

Having pizza for dinner

It sounds just as it was, a girl's slumber party. What was so amazing about the whole party though, was that by Rowan taking a different persona, and for so long, he is displaying perspective taking on a grand scale. Pretending to be a girl means thinking, speaking and doing as any girl would.

The games we played are particulary important.  We would define them as "rule based games". A rule based game is any game, such as tag or hide-and-seek, that requires a certain level of perspective taking in order to understand the rules. People on the spectrum are typically delayed in perspective taking, and when they can self advocate for themselves during this play, we know they have gotten a good idea of understanding another's perspective.


For example tag is confusing because there is a lot of "your it, but I'm not it, now she's it but your not". Last night with "Roweena", (s)he was sitting during duck duck goose. (S)he knew when to chase and when to not to, and totally understand why people were "it". When (s)he was seeking during hide and go seek (s)he totally understood the rules of the game, and when (s)he was hiding, knew to stay quiet. This is where we know he's got it, he under stands the perspectives of other people.

One more really cool example is, when Jenny fell and bumped her knee during the dance party, Roweena said " oh no, are you alright?". In order to say this, he had to understand that when Jenny fell, she might have felt hurt. So by saying that he knew she might have felt something different then he did.

So whilst on the surface it looked like a 'typical' slumber party what it really was was proof for the people who know and love Rowan that he has begun to develop these essential skills which will help him so much in navigating the confusing rules of adult life.