I've been struggling for a few weeks now in writing a blog. It's not exactly writers block, but more like an artist observing a finished painting.
It can always be more perfect. It can always be better. One thing I find myself doing when I'm working with anything horse related is striving for perfection. There's a drive inside that is fueled by the need of helping others (who couldn't otherwise help themselves), learning to ride and working under people I both love and admire. I feel as though when I write, I'm always putting things I know onto a high pedestal. A part of me can't get over the exotic animals, and international people coming in and out daily, and I just loving sharing the same ideas, over and over. It's some of the very things that keep me coming back every weekend.

My mom holding Bilbo, the baby porcupine.

Lately I haven't been able to volunteer as much as I would like. Be it life or color guard, my volunteer hours are down. (not that I'm counting) When I am able to get a full weekend in (Friday night to Sunday evening), I find my self saying "thank goodness". Despite perceived teenage laziness, I'm addicted to the Farm. I need my weekly dose or sitting in a desk for eight hours drives me bonkers. Sure, days are long and hard, but the feeling  of accomplishment when the day is done is something enlightening. It helps that the journey is my favorite part because this journey, is lifelong.
So in my perspective, it's amazing when people complain about feeding small animals. The work here is hard, by the end of the day your exhausted. but despite all that you don't want to feed the cute little ducks, chickens, porcupine, pigs and deer? I know plenty of five year old kids that would be more then willing to take that job.
This whole rant brings me to an unexpected point, the siblings. At the horse boy we strive to serve not just one kid, but the entire family. One sibling, Trinity loves to chase the birds. Instead of creating a negative setting by saying "No". We incorporate into our daily chores. The family often arrives at 4pm, the same time when feeding starts in the winter. The past few playdates, Trinity has been encouraged to get the birds into their coop for the night, so they are protected from other animals. This "boring" chore, is now a fun game for kids. Feed is prepared before they arrive, and so all the animals can be fed easily. Small animals, done. Kids happy.

A handful of the Small Animals.