One of the super uber awesome things we do every year, is raise austim awareness at the yearly Sherwood Forest renaissance fair.

Last year that included dressing up in period costumes and showing off our piglet Henrietta, a piglet who was only a few months old, and lily the infamous professional goat. How ever this year we added a special guest to our party.

We switched Henrietta for bilbo, the baby african porcupine. It was so fun to watch the second-glances and awed faces of the some of the people around us. Bilbo was a star, whose only job was to sleep and look cute.

While people met Bilbo we shared our story. It goes something like this, The Horse Boy is a non-profit organization that works with horses and autistic kids, we don't charge the families a cent to come to our farm, and so we are here raising awareness and donations, to keep it free for local families. There is the common saying "if I had a nickel every time I..." , well my goal is to get at least dollar every time I share the animals and information. This dollar goes towards feeding the horses the kids ride, buying paint for the kids, subsidizing playdates and camps for families and anything fun or creative we may use with the kids. The dollar is stretched a long way