One weekend was a particularly exciting weekend. On April 12th I attended an Autism Summit, where Rupert and many other famous people came to speak about everything possible about autism related ideas.

The summit started at 8am and went on til 5. A room full of people, all here for autism. At the end of the summit they held an open mike for anyone who wanted to speak, with a time limit of two minutes called yourshout. Rupert and Iliane left already in the early after noon to prepare for the horse boy feast, while Jacob, Bridget and I stayed to sell merchandise. It was my own spur of the moment decision I signed up to talk on stage, here is what I said: My name is Isabella. I am 17 years old. And I've never had an impromptu speech before. I have a confession, the only relation I have to autism is a cousin with autism who I see only once every 4 or fives years. So why am I here? Why do I spend every weekend volunteering with horses and kids with autism instead of partying? We'll imagine a world where, when someone is diagnosed with autism, the doctor or nurse says "congratulations, you have a gift", instead of I'm sorry. I am a fighter. I will always fight for my dreams. Growing up I always loved and dreamed of horses but they are expensive. I have three older brothers and a single mother, we couldn't afford lessons. So when I emailed the horses I just said I would do anything. Three years later clue, the horse you met outside a few hours ago giving smiles and jombets, took me over a 3 ands. Half foot fence. It felt amazing. So I want you to ask your self, what are your dreams? In about 24 or 48 hours it will bubble up and your first response will be no, I can't have it. I have too many responsibilities, I have a kid with autism. Because of autism, my dream came true. Autism should open doors, not close them. Thank you.

A full audience at the Autism Summit