Last month we had the privilege of working in one of the most extraordinarily brilliant outdoor learning environments I have seen.  It was a fitting scene for our Movement Method workshop in the Netherlands and everyone had such a great time but this post highlights some aspects of their environment that I felt we could all learn something from to take away and use at home or at school.


This cleverly designed greenhouse has created a wonderful outdoor/indoor environment for the children and horses.  Its big enough to ride in and small enough to be intimate and homely.  The Vines create areas of shade and greenery while the wood chip floor gives a softness as you walk or run.  The area is divided up into different spaces and there is a swing, wheelbarrow and ball to allow even more movement.  Notice the use of colour too.


The vines dont just provide shade but fruit, a perfect teaching opportunity comes to mind.


straw bales at the back for seating


Natural light is wonderful but here it could have been overpowering and too hot under a green house so with the help of some material draped it not only protected us from the sun but creates another room with a room.  A defined space for our theory session.  This idea could be used for an area where you would like the children to read or do more settled activities at a table.


I loved the baskets of games and boxes of books readily avaible for those curious and active minds.


a pathway separates the space and onto the next and well in my mind the heart of a home or education space, the kitchen.  So much can be done here, cooking, art, science experiments, you can chat, have tea, read, children that love the kitchen will love to learn, they will embrace interactions that have a common goal and social difficulties will melt away.


always leave out toys for them to find and play with.


From the kitchen I could hear some friends, chickens were not far away.



all around us there were opportunities for the children to learn about our natural world, food, how its grown, how to cook...




and wildlife too.


Thankyou to all of the team at the inspirational Owlish Fortress for having us