This month I am helping Arabella to work with Iris Grace and get the UK Movement Method centre started.


The main issue that they have encountered with Iris at the moment is her obsession for Arabella’s computer: all she wants to do is sit in front of it and watch her favourite cartoon character and nursery rhymes, pushing everyone away who tries to interact with her.  Her skills on the computer have improved and her fine motor skills are excellent but we want to encourage more social time outside.

Also Arabella’s finding it hard to work and this situation was becoming a big problem for all the family, so together with her parents I've decided to ‘pick this battle’ and design a way to take Iris outside and encourage her to take part in other activities.

First I looked at the computer windows to see what she had been looking at the most and where her main interests were.  Maya the Bee was very popular, a screenshot with images of Maya sitting on a leave with a dreamy face seemed to really capture her attention, so I have decided to print this image multiple times and set up a treasure hunt to find and count them.  Thula, Iris's cat was very interested in all the activity and helped with the prep.

Thula helping

I set up where they usually take her out for a ride bike and I hung Maya images to Iris height so she could take them herself and collect them if she would like to.  Iris’ face when she found them was awesome! She was so surprised to find Maya the bee.  She liked to have all of them together, so I started linking them with the wire and counting them out loud while pointing at the images.  We also talked about the trees and wildlife around us.  We compared sizes of the leaves to our hands, are they bigger or smaller, colours, shapes…

Of course our first aim was to encourage Iris to spend time doing other activities but it was a great way to introduce her treasure hunt as well as following her intrinsic motivation which was Maya the Bee.

Maya The Bee treasure hunt