A play date at The Little Explorers Activity Club, UK

Luke's strongest interest at the moment is Knights so Laurence designed some educational games all around that theme.  'Lets Go Fight The Dragons' was all about learning prepositions (on, under, behind, in front)

'How to Become a Knight' was about learning how the words related to the Knights outfit.

There was also time for exploring in nature, running, playing, 'time for innovation', fun on the trampoline, drawing on the trampoline, watering plants, playing with sand, playdoh & reading books.

lets go fight dragons



finding the dragon

on an adventure

drogon on the brick

finding more dragons

look behind the tree


at the fence


down at the bottom

collecting fire wood

in the garden

set up

How to become a Knight



Sand castles

Thula and the castles

drawing on the trampoline


sand play

sand castle play

on the decking

watering the flowers

walking in the meadow