What do you like to do when it snows? As an adult, your answer is probably staying inside where it’s warm and cosy. However, if you’re a kid, you probably want to be playing outside. 

Children love to throw themselves in the soft snow and make snow angels or build a snowman with sticks and stones. Those who are more active might enjoy to go sledging or to have a snowball fight.
Here are a few examples of activities that children like to do when it snows and the skills they naturally develop through those activities. You can even develop academic “lessons” from them. This is great for all parents and teachers who would like to build on that experience in order to introduce new academic topics or strengthen their children’s learning.


- Building a snowman

While rolling snowballs to build their “frozen friend”, children can experience the texture of the snow and wonder why snow melts when heated by their hands (biology or physics topics).
At the same time, they can be led to think about body parts, shapes, sizes (think: the body of the snowman will be bigger than its head), and height.



- Sledging

Sledging is a great opportunity to introduce physic to children. We can drop complex concepts such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, gravity, etc. simply by sliding down the hill. 


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- Snowball fight

There is no kid that doesn’t like to make a snowball and throw them at their friends!We all enjoyed to hit someone with a snowball and run away right after, scared to be the next target.

By rolling, throwing and avoiding the snowballs of their friends, children naturally develop their fine and gross motor skills. Moreover, by playing this rule based games children exercise perspective taking and Theory of Mind.

Of course, this activity can easily be turned into a math lesson. You can present different concepts - such as quantities, counting, divisions (by sharing the snowballs between a number of people), etc.


Playing in the snow is not just fun. It’s an experience that can benefit children’s learning and development as well. So, whether you are a parent or a teacher, next time it snows try to follow your kids outside and try some of these activities. Then, share your pictures and feedback in the comment below.