Empowerment. It's th' word of th' week here. It moves things forward. We've realized that Fynn needs two things to be happy, to move forward in life, to make progress.

One is that he needs to move move move- Before anything else he needs to move. It opens up th' receptors in his brain and allows him to take in new information, make new decisions, communicate in new ways. (Check out th' research section for more info) Almost every major breakthrough he's made in his learning th' past few years has come about after or as th' result of lots of movement. Bike riding, running, jumping, swinging, swimming. The other thing he needs is to solve problems and overcome challenges. He thrives on this. It empowers him to meet th' next challenge. He often gets bored and disruptive when he doesn't have a problem to work out.

This has been th' snowiest winter in a long time. Our neighborhood streets have been covered in snow for so long that we haven't been able to do much bike riding, which was Fynn's salvation all this year. So today was one of th' few days this winter we've been able to go for a bike ride, There was still ice all over th' roads, but enough clear spaces that we could ride around for a few miles. Any time we came to a patch of ice Fynn would stop, get off his bike and walk it over or around the ice. Well today as we were riding we came to a patch of ice and he slowed down and i said, as i do at every patch of ice, to no avail, just keep going, you'll make it, just keep pedaling. And he did it. He rode over a good sized snowy ice mound and kept on going. He was so proud of himself. He was glowing, he felt empowered. From then on he looked forward to the ice patches, and while he still walked over some of them, he took most of them on his bike. It felt so good to see him like that, and it made me realize that's what he needs. For his own self esteem he needs to face challenges, however trivial they may seem to me, and overcome them. Once again, i wonder who is th' teacher here.