If a little emotional touch intimidates or challenges you, you might want to skip this blog and read another one. It has been quite a journey I have encountered with New Trails Learning System, and it is time to tackle some reflection-  many parts you might agree with or find yourself.


   Whenever I meet Horse Boy tribe members, it seems we all have something in common- Rowen and Rupert have touched our lives in ways nobody could ever imagine. If the person was lucky enough to have met Iliane, she has the same affect. Changed perspectives, recharged energy, intensely encouraged engagement in the life of children, hope, dreams, fulfillment are only a few common themes.

   My training in September changed my teaching and lives of children I work with. Going to Texas and becoming a trainer changed everything. The passion I had for changing education for the better was now supported by dreamers and doers. The second day I was at New Trails Rupert mentioned that my life would be changed forever after this, and he was absolutely right.

        Horse Boy opened a platform for me to encourage the change I wanted to see- allowed me to have my voice be heard. Rupert paved the road for me to get out there and spread ideas that help children to be included, to have fun learning, to reconnect with the world. It brings tears of joy to my eyes to think that we can make the school system actually enjoyable for children. I see the smiles, I hear the laughter, and I see them not wanting to go home Friday afternoons.

     During a presentation to about 30 teachers, heads of schools, superintendents, and therapists in Germany Brigitte Berkhoff said, “Wir pflanten eventuell nur einen kleinen Samen” (we might just be planting a small seed) which I addressed and included right away- even if we are just making it better for ‘just’ one child- we are affecting a human life and that is so worth it!!! That is what I used to work for and was happy when I could make this change. With Movement Method, we are doing more! We are changing student’s lives, we are changing teacher’s perspectives, we are changing minds on a much bigger scale.

  Dream Whispers do come true was a title I had to put with a smirk on my face because I never truly believed Rupert when he said it worked. Truly, there had to be limits even if we put ourselves in the service of others- some of my dreams are honestly out there and for sure not reasonable to expect to come true- well, guess what, carefully observing what is happening in my life and being a little more open- minded, I can see some of these ridiculous ‘out there’ dreams come true:

       A regular school teacher going public, spreading a message that can change the education system- check

Owning a horse that can help veterans and children alike and help my volunteers become better horseman- check

Touching lives, making them better for people around me- check

Working with like- minded passionate people who inspire, support, and become dear friends- check

          Besides silly little things that are more about me, like ever learning basics of classical dressage- check; seeing my home country again- check – This is incredible, and I never ever expected this to happen to me…

     I still do not think anybody deserves so many blessings in their lives and I feel deeply humbled to have received so many dreams coming true and so many people that touched my heart along the way.

There are many more dreams and much more work to be done- but what a start.

   It was 21 years ago that dear friends held up a sign at the Frankfurt airport to say their “good byes” and to say “come back soon” not knowing that I would get married and hardly ever return. This same airport, now welcoming me home to allow me to present Movement Method to the German Kuratorium and schools.

   The landing allowed a view of yellow vivid “Raps fields” not familiar to the regular US country side, but so significant in Germany and welcoming me with some bright lively colors, sprinkled with lush green forests that made my heart jump and realize how much I missed this place called home. The fields looked uncharacteristically disorganized, not like the perfect square looking fields in the US- German history left its marks in the land claims. Small villages cuddling around the church towers, reflecting community and belonging.

   Touching down, Lufthansa’s huge white beluga whale looking airplanes lined the runway guiding us to the gate. Emotions running wild. Fuerstenach, where the presentation was going to happen, was a lovely typical northern German small town, of course with an old castle and a church in the center where our hotel was located with lovely IKEA beds and lots of German history reflected in paintings and building style.

  If you ever go to Germany, make sure you enjoy the Broetchen and the Spaghetti ice cream- but order the small; do not be tempted to go for large because you have not had one in 8 years you pay the prize…Anyway, of course the tension to have to present in rusty German using academic vocabulary which I had practiced for hours and weeks on end was terrifying and stressful- how many emotions can one, not too large older body take? Well, quite a lot actually ;-)


  The best thing was that we also had a presentation on Horse Boy and that allowed me to have my own personal therapy and calming sessions build in working with ponies and leaving humans behind for a few minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I like humans (well, mostly), but horses are magical and who can beat true magic….?

  So, the intense tension was treated well by a stressed-out pony who needed a person, Rupert and Carola showing their mastery and drawing away audience attention to leave me in peace- I will forever be grateful!

  A blog about the professional side of the presentation will follow, for now, I just needed the emotional side to be processed and shared so you know what you might have to expect when you get passionate and involved- you never know where life, especially a life involving New Trails Learning will lead you- “Let’s have an adventure and advocate for kids wherever we can!”

Spaghetti Ice


Fuerstenach Castle