Atlanta in June- also called “Hotlanta” but nevertheless a hot spot for professional development for educators around the globe. The yearly CASIE conferences hosts multiple International Baccalaureate workshops to allow teachers to be the best they can be. This year Movement Method made a huge impact!

Exhibition Instructor

The IB workshop Category 2 was posted for educators, administrators, and PYP (Primary Years Program) coordinators who already had basic knowledge and/or experience in the IB program.


   CASIE's mission in Atlanta is to allow the IB into as many schools as possible to raise global, international minded caring and productive citizens who are knowledgeable, critical thinkers who use their creativity to make this world a better place.

  This year I facilitated “The Exhibition” Category 2 which is a huge culminating project to celebrate the finish of elementary years program and allow students to show their growth through the PYP program.

Recommended for:

Teachers, heads of school and coordinators

This workshop uses inquiry to engage you with the varied resources, readings and tools to optimize the exhibition for students in the Primary Years Programme (PYP). You will explore the importance of enduring understandings and how the student’s voice can lead the learning and the action through local, national and global issues. The exhibition is viewed as a collaborative process; this workshop is a time to listen, view and share exhibition experiences and develop a conceptual understanding of this culminating learning experience for students. The exhibition guidelines (July 2008) and the Programme standards and practices (January 2014) will be used as a reference point for this reflection.


There were 24 participants in this group.

In the pictures you can see that my teaching style included many strategies from New Trails Learning System

 I started by adjusting the environment, even though this workshop was only 2 1/2 days, lighting was turned down, tables placed in groups and in a circle facing a beautiful indow front rather than the board, and the entire school was used as a 'playground'. Many activities were based on movement and leaving the traditional teaching environment behind. The evenings were used to "follow the child" in this case adjust the training to the needs of the educators for the next day.

CASIE classroom before

CASIE classroom After 2

CASIE classroom After 1


   Instead of worksheet Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast, we made physical diagrams with tape, string, (hola hoops are great as well). We moved around the school to design and share. Observe how comfortable and relaxed the participants were...


Venn Diagram 


A treasure hunt was not just for kids, but teachers enjoyed getting inspired by finding Newspapers, Magazines, and numerous QR codes around the school to help their students be inspired for exhibition.


Treasure Hunt 1

Treasure Hunt 2

 MM has made me a better instructor and I received outstanding feedback on the exit tickets (a few examples attached in a photo)

Exit Tickets


       The ideas directly influenced and inspired educators in the classroom and will lead to student engagement and a better learning environment.