When your house is a mess, when your children need rides to activities, your spouse had a rough week and needs a shoulder to lean on, the dogs needs their vet appointments, and make sure you fit in your dentist appointment you have not had for a year, and oh yes, bills are due and the fridge has mice coming out desperate for food- on top of that, if you have a child that needs a little extra attention, make sure you spend time, maybe ensure therapies needed, relaxation time and special parent kiddo time, while keeping up at work- WOW- what are these mortals doing to themselves???


              And this is where we can build in a little piece of heaven. Sensory indulgence!

German Morning


When we think of relaxation, we often come up with visualisations of the peaceful beach with soft waves slowly inching up the shoreline, a creek gently whispering passed a campground,
trees swaying in a soft summer breeze, sunshine caressing a face, the smell of fresh cut grass, a hand softly stroking skin- nature provides what the human body needs! Positive sensory experiences are true magic for the sole.

   Every HorseBoy and Movement Method place focuses on creating this positive sensory experience whenever possible with a huge variety of options. But how do you start? Joell Dunlap posted the question: if money wasn’t an option, what would be included in a sensory area? A team of highly creative and engaged educators, equine folks, and people who care answered.

Ellen Schuringa:

Check our FB Extreme Mountain Trail Park Tilburgs https://www.facebook.com/extremetrailtilburgs/


Jillian Sensory

Chantelle Bannister:

Rain bells, a sensory path made of different textures (grass, pebbles, sand), something bouncy, large wooden instruments- hanging chimes or whatever, a big hour glass with sand in that you can turn, a star map made of stones bobbles on the floor, water you can channel and divert...

Julian and Julia Granados:

Foam bath and foam slides, some slime to stick your hands in or even bath in. A very smooth path with thin layers of warm good smelling oil on it where you can walk/slide on and have the opportunity to even poor warm oil on your legs etc. Ice cube buckets- to chew on to stick your hands/feet in on a hot day, listen to them explode etc. something with wind, like a huge people high fan that blows a soft nice smelling wind at your whole body- you can choose the small and temperature of course!

Iliane Lorenz:

Bird feeders and butterfly plants and whatever else you can put to attract critters.

Carola Beekman:

You can ask kiddos to help building an insect hotel https://www.edenproject.com/learn/for-everyone/how-to-build-an-insect-home

Ru: ..a little stream with waterfall that one can wade in

small forest trails with very beautiful sculptures

Personally, I would add horses into the mix- or really any animal! Horses are in particular helpful when joining a herd or watching a herd: they teach a lot and they allow a person to be without judgement. They allow a person to find themselves and understand where they are at- horses are the most affordable therapists- and the most effective!

Clue Grassing Sunset


So try to build and develop your own sensory safe haven! It helps to endure the daily requests and expectations. Combined with mindful self- compassion you are on your way to deal with anything life throws at you!