Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

Health and education affect individuals, society, and the economy and, as such, must work together whenever possible.

Schools are a perfect setting for this collaboration. Schools are one of the most efficient systems for reaching children and youth to provide health services and programs, as approximately 95 percent of all U.S. children and youth attend school.

At the same time, integrating health services and programs more deeply into the day-to-day life of schools and students represents an untapped tool for raising academic achievement and improving learning.

D49 Health and Wellness

This is the mission of our D49 Colorado Springs school district Health and Wellness Committee. When the lead coordinator observed our Movement Method workshop, she noticed the connection to physical and mental health in the classroom right away in addition to teacher wellness and mindfulness and invited me to speak at their semi- annual meeting.

50 educators and district leaders got together to engage in an hour long ‘taster’ of Movement Method. The feedback was highly positive, and the head of the Special Education Department and Overall Professional Development for district general education staff are discussing options to allow this training to happen for more folks in our district. It was mentioned that this can also be a bridge between SPED and general education, who are often separated and having a challenging time to connect and relate. Movement Method can be used with every learner in every learning environment, therefore can become a common practice and language and allow for true integration and connection.

Folks were out of their seats to understand the practice of the neuro science behind the method. While smiling, relaxing the psoas, reconnecting, and learning some German, educators understood the difference between simply moving, or like Movement Method suggest, to use movement to teach and help learners develop.

Health and Wellness MM 2

The district has a development plan to inquirer into funding and allow time for this highly effective training to take place. It aligns with everything our district is so keen to implement because it is research based and considered best practice.

This Movement Method framework allows to be used in every learning environment for example an IB school, or with the regular state standards, even scripted curriculum that is still present in many schools can easily be adjusted and used in MM.

When taking a Restorative Practice training last year, the leader let me take over after lunch because Movement Method incorporated so much more that was useful for the direct learning space and helped with restorative practices as well that she thought it would be more beneficial than what she had planned.

Health and Wellness MM 1

 Visible learning practices are automatically aligned because MM addresses every learner and makes very clear what success looks like, expectations, and empowerment while building efficacy and self- advocacy in students and teachers.

Seeing all these connections, there simply is no better system out there that can help our students grow and is so aligned with everything we would like to see in a classroom and know is the best and newest research based practice.

My dream is to allow more learners to have access, to share the success stories I see, and to have folks listen, learn, and have their mind open to let their individual creativity take this method and take it to the next level.

Health and Wellness Presenter