Visiting one of the most prestigious International Baccalaureate schools in Europe, Frankfurt International IB School, it was an absolute pleasure to be received with so much open mindedness and true interest in the Movement Method philosophy.


Our delegated group was a very interesting mix: Henrich Berkhoff, an agricultural innovator and groundbreaker, working for child protective services and immensely involved in volunteer work for the non- profit Horse Boy foundation and Mensch und Pferd, Elke Walters, a courageous, inspiring and enthusiastic principal who was able to turn her entire school into a Movement Method school and see immense impact in student and teacher emotional health and achievement, myself, a teacher of over twenty years, working in close collaboration with New Trails Learning System, New York bestseller, gifted writer and brilliantly innovative front runner in educational changes Rupert Isaacson, and probably the biggest honor and coolest experience, Scub, Rupert’s son Rowan, who has guided this entire educational journey, has shown us through his autism what can improve for ideal learning even for neuro typical learners. This unique and diverse group explored the impressive large campus, observed creative ideas already present, and met keen interest when presenting what we do.

FIS Presentation 2019

Scub was outstandingly patient and involved in presenting his story authentically and capturing every individual’s attention in the room. HE was well spoken, confident, and caring. The unique and supportive relationship between father and son became very obvious and allowed for a true understanding of the groundbreaking story which caused the development of Horse Boy and Movement Method.
The leadership of the school now has a close working relationship and are in the process of developing collaborations for their students, growing a wonderful partnership. The main campus showing a keen interest in future learning possibilities and trainings.
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It is clearly becoming a routine that even very well established successful schools are looking for continuous innovative ideas to keep their high standards. Students’ success and well-being is a major interest of every school, and Movement Method strategies are successful in supporting educators around the world to do what is right in their heart but also scientifically evident.
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Going back to Rupert’s first trail blazing question to Temple Grandin, “How does my son become you?”- It is fair to say, I was actually thinking, “How do more people become like Scub?” His heart is absolutely gentle, he is authentic, caring, curious, to the point, and using his talents to live to the fullest- We can learn a lot from folks who are considered ‘different’, their brilliance need to shine more in a dusty society with more questions than answers.
A partnership with educational systems, allowing Movement Method to spread.
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