Coming to an afternoons rest, sitting at Farm de Lek’s little local store here in Thailand, after just getting back yesterday afternoon, watching the peace delivering sunset while soft water sounds fill the surrounding, I am still mind-blown by the experience I was just so very blessed to have. Especially after a friend of mine suddenly lost his brother, another friend surviving a heart attack, it just made me realize time is precious and enjoying life and making the changes we want to see cannot wait another minute.

2020 Jan Thailand


Not even two weeks ago, I started on a new adventure with New Trails. We were invited to present at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England and train some of their best folks in Movement Method. Not quite knowing what to expect, I had to Google the project and find out more about it, only to be amazed by the idea of what people developed. To develop a whole new world out of an old useless clay pit and allowing people to learn and appreciate the diversity of our planet again is a challenge in itself, to make it a place where you step through the doors and experience peace, wonder, reconnection with nature and a healing biome like no other is an art. The needed humidity gently lulled the body into a state of relaxation and enjoyment of breathing in the quiet. The variety of green is stunning and the multiple species of birds gently connect and bring about a feeling of being in the beginning of time when all was good.


2020 Eden 3

Walking through the biome was one of the greatest gifts- it was actually closed for a huge staff gathering where Rupert was invited to speak, but the leadership allowed us to sneak in and enjoy- can you imagine having an entire biome just for yourself, truly just hearing nature sounds, with no one to interrupt- priceless!


2020 Jan Eden 4

Supporting us was a young man from Thailand, Pat Pantrat who’s personality and character contributed to building connections around the globe with a vision of a healthier planet and better world, and of course Henrich Berkhoff, our German rock star who has changed the life of many and always sees the glass half full.


2020 Jan Eden 1

The speakers were engaging, entertaining, inspiring, and there was an atmosphere of ‘taking action’. Rupert delivered an incredibly thought-provoking speech and one could hear a pin drop and feel curiosity awaken. The room was filled with creativity and ideas and plans on how to make things happen.


2020 Eden 5

When we walked out, I was awestruck to even be included in this gathering and hugely intimidated to be scheduled to give a training to folks who are already masters at Movement Method and could teach us a thing or two.

Staying in a cottage in Cornwall, with rolling hills embracing the river connection to the sea which always displayed a spectacular play with colors, fog, and sunrises, was like walking into a Jane Austin novel. No wonder the British writers are on the top of the game when creating masterpieces of literature; they are constantly inspired by true untouched natural beauty.


2020 Jan Cornwall

The next two days were incredibly productive. We adapted the entire workshop to be much more collaborative- how could we not, with the wealth of knowledge and talent surrounding us, and it became more of a brainstorming exercise. These folks take actions; these folks care, and we were honored to be included. There is a lot of potential with our approach in support of all the things they already do, and creativity went through the roof.


2020 Eden 6

After Cornwall, I left a little earlier than everybody else, just to catch the train from Frankfurt to Ahlen where we were invited to give a two day Movement Method workshop for the Deutsche Kuratorium fuer Therapeutisches Reiten DKThR. This has been in the planning since our presentation in Fuerstenau in 2018. Finally, the day was here. The Mammutschule, now Movement Method School inspired, invited us and provided us with a lovely facility and snacks. Again, an incredible two days with many future plans! My co-presenter Henrich Berkhoff is one of those people who inspire and engage just by walking in the room. I felt very blessed that he was able to support us in England and Germany as well.


2020 Jan DKThR1


2020 Jan DKThR 2

After three days in Ahlen, I caught the train to Bremen with one evening off- what better thing to do than meet with my sister (whom I have not seen in ten years). It was a very emotional experience as you can imagine, and the next day we presented MM at her elementary school to see if they might be interested to hop on board. They were excited and ready to take it on.


2020 Bremen 1


2020 Bremen 2


That night I took the night train to Frankfurt to meet a couple of tinies who are dear to my heart and get ready to catch the train back to Bangkok. A busy and I would say fruitful few days in Europe.

My family is waiting for me in March. Colorado is next in the books. What an adventure, and I am so humbled by the people I meet and proud to be part of something so big!


2020 Jan Eden 2