All students were highly engaged when we did a Movement Method body system treasure hunt. (Lesson plans available on this page). Not only did the lesson cover the academics all students needed, but they had to collaborate and listen to each other to succeed.

One of my highly functioning autistic student had a break though when he yelled out “WE HAVE TO GO TO THE CONFERENCE ROOM”(where the treasure was hidden) over the entire class arguing what to do next.

That was a group of 24 students arguing loudly and K. who never ever speaks up even though he is extremely smart.

One of his IEP (Individual education plan) goals for the end of this school year is to advocate for himself at least in partner work.

Well, he certainly did today, he could not help it; he was just too excited.

brbselfadvIMG 7813
(K. with his treasure: Owl pellet dissection activity- bones)

As for G., he almost made me cry with happiness.

Of course, having a very important observation scheduled, in the morning I get a note that his one on one para support would not be in and that they were short on staff to support him today.

I knew MM are some of his favorite lessons so when they asked if G. should be out of my room, I denied- thankfully so.

After the treasure hunt, he was fascinated by the skeletal magnet puzzle on the board took it apart, put it back together about 20 times.

His verbal expression is very limited often falling into echoing. Eventually he grabbed my Halloween skeleton, carried him over to the board and explained to him all of the organs displayed in an absolute fluent manner- perfect summative assessment for G.

He showed- not me, but Mr. Bones, all he knew and he certainly passed!

brbselfadvIMG 7808

brbselfadvIMG 7810

brbselfadvIMG 7812