Movement Method has proven to be ground breaking in schools. Students love to learn again, teachers on the verge of burn out refind the passion for education, feel re-energized by seeing the behavioral problems evaporate and students engage in learning activities and reaching their goals, while having fun, feeling relaxed and content.

 Bianca Rimbach, teacher from Colorado Springs USA, really questioning if her carreer in teaching should end, due to feeling frustrated and on the edge of burning out, found Movement Method in September 2017, which re-ignited her love for teaching. She has made a huge impact first in her classroom, then in her school, followed by her district and now schools around the world. Enjoy this video essay made in collaboration with Joell Dunlap from Half Moon By, Califonia


Read more about Bianca Rimbach's adventures and insights in her blogs here:

 In April 2018 we were invited to give a Movement Method presentation at Mammutschule in Ahlen Germany. We had a nice response, but didn't hear back from them. Untill July, when the school principal came to our Tribe Day and told us all the poowerful changed they had made in only 3 months and were eager to learn more. So our trainer Bianca Rimbach, assisted with trainee trainers Gitti and Henrich Berkhoff went back to the school and did a one day Movement Method 1 course with them. 

When we returned in March 2019 for their Movement Method 2 training, they amazed us, what a change they had already made!

They have already made big changes in their learning environment, adding movement, nature and a variety of places for the children to do their schoolwork, sitting, lying down or standing up. Enjoy this video where we can share their work with you.