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Brimbach and 20 others have joined the group NTLS UK 11/22/2018
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Vicky and 10 others have joined the group Horse Boy Method Success Stories 03/12/2018
Vicky shared a photo. 03/11/2018

So - putting myself out there to show that perseverance pays off even while you are learning. Here are some pictures of me on my Luso that show how... Show more

Brimbach Certainly looking like a clear YES to me- took a person to say YES as well- nice work Vicky! 9 months ago

So we have a full course this weekend at Nottingham Trent University for Horse Boy Method 1 - I cant wait to meet all the new students! I'm also... Show more

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I have just refreshed our profile on This is a great website for all sorts of resources and information - check it out if you... Show more

great to be back in Texas meeting all the new set of MM & HBM trainers. i cant wait to hear about your first courses and your stories of helping... Show more

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