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One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Advice for 14 year old with attachment issues' in the forum. 11/28/2017

Great idea Vanda


One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Animals as co-mentor for our kids' in the forum. 01/01/2017

Here at One Acre Farm TX, we have been seeing a new friend, Mark, a non-verbal 8 yr old with Down's Syndrome. The first time at the farm, he was apprehensive about seeing the animals. While his siblings went into the petting area and interacted with the goats, chickens, turkeys, and mini horse, Mark chose to stand outside the fence and watch.
Over the next several weeks of weekly visits, he began getting closer and eventually entered into the petting area. At first, he wanted mom to piggy back him so he could be up and away from the animals, but still close enough to watch them and let them sniff his shoes.
Two weeks ago, he approached the gate and wanted to enter the area and did not ask mom to carry him. He walked around and petted all the animals and even tried to say the name of what type animals they were.
Mom called me after Christmas to tell us good news of a huge improvement with Mark. Usually, the family is unable to visit the grandparents because Mark is afraid of the pet dog and often has meltdowns when he visits. The family went to the grandparents for Christmas and as they entered the home, they were expecting a negative experience but instead, Mark walked right up to the pet dog and petted it. FANTASTIC!!!
Tears filled my eyes as I was so happy that our animals helped Mark deal with his stressors and fears.
Thank you to Horse Boy for all the teaching and training you've given us to be able to use our farm in this manner.


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Yes, we're in Porter. We'd love to visit with y'all.

That's great that Fynn does so much research. It's a great skill and work ethic to have. He will always be able to learn anything he puts his mind to.

Another way to 'confirm it' can be through art. For example, after learning about the water cycle, my daughter drew a picture of rain falling to the ground and then seeping through the ground and traveling to the ocean and then evaporating, etc... The amount of details showed me that she definitely grasped the concept.

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Sonia, thank you for posting that video. WOW! What great insight she has given. She also explains it all so very well.
I still struggle with wanting eye contact. It's a hard habit to break. I was raised to always look at people when speaking. When I was a public school teacher, I expected my students to look at me or else I suspected that they weren't paying attention.
I understand and accept that many people have trouble with making eye contact. I realize that a person is capable of paying attention and learning without eye contact. My problem isn't with them, it's with myself! I've just got to unlearn the expectation.

One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Vitamin C - Diet and Nutrition' in the forum. 07/27/2016

Rico and Beth, Have y'all still been keeping track of the food cravings and nutrition? I'm curious if there's anything new you've observed. :) Catherine

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One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Confirm it' in the forum. 07/27/2016

Rico, I love your pumpkin story. Rowan mentioned that a bee would pollinate the flower. Perhaps you can tell Fynn and Rowan that you know someone (me) that has bee hives. Show them where I live (near Houston, TX) and ask if they think one of my bees would go to your house and pollinate the flower. They would learn that bees stick pretty close to home, at least within a few miles, and also have a short life span. Thus, one of my bees wouldn't be visiting your garden. But, it would be fun to figure it out!

My daughters liked to play 'school' or 'teacher'. I would often utilize that interest by asking them to play with me as the student and to teach me the subject they had been learning. It was a great way to measure what they knew. It was also hilarious to see them role play. We'd usually all end up in loud laughter.

It was great speaking with you during the webinar. :) Catherine.

One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Strategies for sleeping' in the forum. 07/27/2016

Foxsmum, that's great advice. You are so right that the pressure we put on ourselves as adults/parents can cause anxiety in our children. You are also right that we all need to let go of what others think of us and do what is right for our own family.
I felt that way about homeschooling. I felt pressure to teach my children the way every other parent was teaching. It just didn't work for us. I let it go and embraced the things my children were interested in and they flourished.
As for sleep strategies, I agree with what you said about having eaten, slowed down on activities, taking a soothing bath and having a relaxing activity. I find that even for myself, I need a good hour or so of preparing my mind to rest before I can fall asleep.