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Brimbach replied to the topic 'Winter Activities' in the forum. 12/15/2018

One kiddo came up with the ideas of Smores on a Horse...that is what we did. We hid the three ingredients- crackers, chocolate, marshmallows in zip lock bags around the arena- kiddos had to ride and collect their ingredients to make their smores at the end of the playdate. Nice way to finish a winter playdate.


Brimbach replied to the topic 'Winter Activities' in the forum. 12/15/2018

Jousting is a great activity for coordination, easy to incorporate academics. We jousted for snowflakes this time.Parents defended the last snowflakes of the kingdom with swords, while kiddos back rode and long lined closer with the nerf guns trying to joust for the snow flakes. It was a blast- the entire arena became a playful battlefield.


Brimbach created a new topic ' Winter Activities' in the forum. 12/15/2018

We used Nerf guns while back riding and were shooting snow monsters around the arena. Side walkers ensure darts were picked up and kiddos had refills.


Brimbach replied to Materialen 12/12/2018

...also great for perspective taking and discuss what you see and how you feel about if you would look like that forever ;-)

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Brimbach replied to the topic 'Grumpy about mistakes others make' in the forum. 11/26/2018

Could we use the 'drop it, do it, confirm it" approach and act it out between two other folks, the client not being directly involved, but making it so ridiculous funny. Depending on the age of the client...
Little ones are easy to laugh and enjoy mistakes, older ones, make them realize how failure and wrong things often lead to better learning.

Even playing like getting up on the horse backwards and acting that out a bit while the 'trainer' just giggles...
Or, if older, discussing all the failures of Edison- that eventually led to success and a huge discovery 

 “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


Brimbach replied to the topic 'Table Manners' in the forum. 11/26/2018 way is also- Schokoladen Wettessen- usually a bithday game, but might also be really effective to make utensils attractive:

You wrap a chocolate bar in newspaper layers. Kids, or family sits in a circle and passes the utensil until the music stops. The person with the utensils has now to put on winter clothing (scarf, gloves) and start using only the utensils to unwrap the chocolate bar...the music plays while the kiddo does it- when it stops, everything gets passed on until the music stops again...

Eventually, kiddos get to the chocolate bar and get to eat it with knife and fork- fun way to introduce utensils with a game.


Brimbach replied to the topic 'Table Manners' in the forum. 11/25/2018

What I also really liked when Rupert compared teaching things like this with horse training in the training video. First you have the kiddo in their favorite stress free environment, and the table might just be a little kids picnic table close to maybe the playground.
Than you can gradually prepare it to maybe have a picnic and play with the scenarios.

Doing a trail ride to 'find utensils' to use during a later meal can be fun and motivating.

Investigating different cultural customs how people eat and what is accepted and what is strange to us. Maybe acting out a viking meal. How does the kiddo want to eat- maybe it can be a trade between, one night we eat like you want, one night we eat like mom and dad want.

Maybe using fun utensils that are unusual- like I always loved placing every single pea on one part of the fork- I did not eat much, but I did use a fork ;-)


Brimbach created a new topic ' Table Manners' in the forum. 11/25/2018

We just had a question from one of our practitioners about anything fun to do about and around table manners?

The question you have to ask yourself is always - is this the battle I want to pick right now?
What this means in more practical terms is - is the child cognitively ready to understand the value of this concept at this time, you have a choice here: You can try to force through fear of punishment (and remember the withdrawal of love and approval is a punishment) an accelerated compliance to a social norm, but if you do this it comes at a pretty high cost. 

So even though it’s tempting to try to enforce social norms early, unfortunately if you take that approach, the child never fully buys in.

There is a more effective way:
By allowing the child to move freely and not sit at a table initially, you are more than meeting them halfway and this of course is one of the principles of diplomacy. Basically, you make the other person feel safe.Then little by little you begin to introduce a new norm.
For the full behavior module and detailed step by step ideas visit


Hallo Barbara, sehr schoen Dich hier zu sehen.Die NTLS Germany Community waere vielleicht ganz interessant fuer Dich... Hoffe das Training hat Dir... Show more

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...nice seat!

Just a few pictures of a very rewarding and fun day in Thailand.
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