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Clue at his best! Many of you had the privilege to work with him- he is still enjoying life and working with much love for everybody in Colorado-... Show more

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iliane He's the best! 2 weeks ago

The district in Colorado Springs searches for best teaching practices in their school and put...

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Very beautiful name- where are you from? What brings you to this website and MM and HB??

Hi Lucy, great to see you here! May I ask how you found out about HB and MM and what you might be able and interested to do with it? Just curious-... Show more

New folks at HB and MM always interesting- where are you from? What is your interest in HB and MM?

...very powerful, and I want to point out not just for autism- highly important for anxiety and...

Brimbach created a new topic ' Side Reigns' in the forum. 02/27/2019


  I heard some outstanding reasoning why the side reigns are used. Could some of you elaborate why you work your horses in side reigns and what training principles this is based on?
Thank you for further education in this!


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Deutschland, Ahlen MM 2 Kurs- come join us!

Deutschland, Ahlen MM 2 Kurs- come join us!