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3 years 5 months ago #243 by Long Live Antarctica!
"Breathing" was created by Long Live Antarctica!
These hands are weighted down,
This skin just feels cold,
These eyes are both cast down,
This heart now feels old.
Don't want to do what's wrong,
Don't want to rant or seethe.
Can only move along,
What else to do but breathe?

Don't know what to pray for.
Don't know what I have found.
Don't want anything more.
Just want to tread the ground.
Just who can be trusted,
Behind those shiny teeth?
Take one day at a time,
And all the while, just breathe.

In slowly through the nose,
Out slowly through the mouth,
As all creation grows,
Head east, west, north, or south?
Be happy or upset?
Be joyful or bereaved?
At least this remains set:
A perfect day to breathe.

Needing something to want,
Wanting something to need,
Something for which to stand,
Something for which to plead.
What note now ever brings,
For this quiet heart, a wreathe?
What thought this mouth now sings
As it goes on to breathe?

What heading is there now?
Is this sky light or dark?
Just want to lastly bow
Before a throng to ark.
Confusion to witness,
Cannot help but to grieve.
Entangled in this mess,
At least one may still breathe.

Enriching is the flame,
Crystal blue is the tear,
What could there be to blame?
Tell me now, who is near?
What metal greets my sight?
A sword within its sheathe?
Big chains or organ pipes?
Well, I'm allowed to breathe!

Let this breath fill my lungs!
Let old matter now leave!
Let these breaths be my songs,
With every gasp and heave!
Let these breaths be my prayers
For skies and lands and seas!
Delight in all these airs!
Delight and choose to breathe!

Fervor is sweet and soon!
Limbo is not a thing!
Time ever spirals on!
There are songs I must sing!
Raise up this weary hulk,
That boon for to receive!
Rewake this once young soul!
The reason why I breathe!

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