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Lesson Challenge: Writing

1 year 4 months ago #563 by Brimbach
Lesson Challenge: Writing was created by Brimbach
Hi team: Lesson challenge for you
How do you get kiddos, who can hardly write a sentence, to develop an entire paragraph without making them suffer?
We have three kids in my class who struggle with writing (two on the spectrum, one with oppositional defiance disorder)
Keep in mind that I also have 25 other kids, so eventually they have to do it partially independent.
Clever ideas from the experts?

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #564 by ntls team
Replied by ntls team on topic Lesson Challenge: Writing
Ahh Bianca, interesting question, and I am certain one challenge many teachers face.
Like Rupert mentions, first of, try to buy into their interest. Have them write about something they are actually curious about and know something about. One sentence is a great start. Fun materials can help motivate: Glitter pens, sticky notes, posters to write on etc.

Maybe they can run around the field and collect sentence starters to build a simple paragraph. For example if it is your student interested in sea life- write a story about a...run and find a sea animal at the first station. Start your paragraph with. (Make up a name)....is an........
Next station could have a verb the student can choose- like dive, float, eat....Sentence starter: He likes to.......in the.........
And so on. Every sentence written allows for a new movement break- other students will enjoy that as well. Maybe they can have on level challenges at the station like first station has adverbs they need to add, figurative langue pieces they need to build in etc.

CELEBRATE success!!!! Even if it is very small!

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